Jaguar Auto Repair

Jaguar Auto Repair | Macon Auto Repair

Roberts Automotive, located just north of Macon, is proud to offer auto repair and service on all makes and models of Jaguar, from 2010 to present. Below you will find a list of the Macon auto repair and auto services we perform on Jaguar vehicles.

  • Engine, Fuel Systems, Emissions, Transmission, and Performance
  • Brake Systems, Axle Service and Replacement, Wheels and Tires
  • Air Conditioning and Heater Service
  • Cooling System Service and Repairs
  • Electrical Circuits, Switches, and Electronics
  • Charging and Starting Systems
  • Maintenance Services (Oil Service, Tire Rotation, Wheel Balance and Alignment, and more…)

Call (478) 994-9442 today to schedule a Jaguar auto repair appointment at Roberts Automotive. Click on the link below to view a list of all the Jaguar auto repair we offer.

Complete List of Jaguar Auto Repair and Services

Roberts Automotive provides Jaguar auto repair in Macon, Jaguar auto repair in Forsyth, Jaguar auto repair in Warner Robins, Jaguar auto repair in Atlanta, and Jaguar auto repair throughout the state of Georgia.

Sir William Lyons founded Swallow Sidecars in 1922, and went on to create a range of ‘SS’ branded motorcycle sidecars and automobiles in the 1920s and early 1930s. When it came to the launch of the all-new SS 100 in 1935, Sir William wanted a new and evocative name for his company. After asking his advertising agency for suggestions, Sir William chose ‘Jaguar’, and the SS 100 model became the world’s first Jaguar.

The ‘Jaguar’ name was an ideal choice – it represented the feline grace and elegance, power and agility that set his cars apart. Sir William once said that a car “was the closest thing we can create to something that is alive”, a sentiment that has stood the test of time. The new brand name captured the essence of all of the cars created from that point forward.

Over the years, Jaguar has built some of the fastest, most recognizable sports cars in the world. And it has always been keen for their potential to be demonstrated on the racetrack as well as the open road. There is no doubt Jaguar will continue to focus on innovative, seductive performance well into the future. It is already pushing the boundaries of design and sustainability. The C–X75 electric concept car, unveiled to universal acclaim at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, gave an exciting glimpse into what the future holds for Jaguar.

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