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BMW Auto Repair | Auto Repair Macon

Roberts Automotive, located just south of Macon, is proud to offer BMW auto repair and service on all makes and models of BMW, from 2010 to present. Below you will find some of the Macon auto repair and auto service we perform on BMW vehicles.

  • Engine, Fuel Systems, Emissions, Transmission, and Performance
  • Brake Systems, Axle Service and Replacement, Wheels and Tires
  • Air Conditioning and Heater Service
  • Cooling System Service and Repairs
  • Electrical Circuits, Switches, and Electronics
  • Charging and Starting Systems
  • Maintenance Services (Oil Service, Tire Rotation, Wheel Balance and Alignment, and more…)

Call (478) 994-9442 today to schedule a BMW auto repair appointment at Roberts Automotive. Click on the link below to view a list of all the BMW auto repair we offer.

Complete List of BMW Auto Repairs and Services

Roberts Automotive provides BMW auto repair in Macon, BMW auto repair in Forsyth, BMW auto repair in Warner Robins, BMW auto repair in Atlanta, and BMW auto repair throughout the state of Georgia.

What started as an aircraft engine producer nearly a century ago has evolved through the years. In the 1920s, we started manufacturing motorcycles. In 1952, the first BMW cars were built in Munich, including the BMW Isetta and the BMW 1500.

And then, in the late ’60s, an unassuming little automobile made its U.S. debut that forever changed driving: the BMW 2002. Light, fuel-efficient, and agile like a sports car, it also had four comfortable seats and legroom. The 2002 embodied for Americans an entirely new concept: the sports sedan. And it laid down track that BMW has been running on ever since.

A little less than a decade after the BMW 2002 was introduced to the U.S., a new vehicle of performance and practicality was born, the BMW 3 Series. While the 3 Series remains the benchmark against which all other sedans are measured today, we have continued expanding our models. And, in true BMW fashion, turning traditional aesthetics upside down.

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